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You can now use words like "php", "style" or "script" on your CSS.
gliczide -


is slightly old to myspace

Peak - ..Maria...mp3

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2021-10-21 18:05:59 CEST


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About me:

A little robloxian who makes css stuffs, More About Me.

My Profile can be also Non-DPI Friendly sometimes, when it comes to position: absolute;..

Who i wish to meet:


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2021-10-23 18:53:47
I like your CSS, it's nice. ;)
2021-10-16 21:56:42
thanks! i will try improving some more later on. and trying to testing anything if some of them not customized yet
2021-10-16 17:31:42
i love this page
2021-10-14 15:43:10
2021-10-05 16:59:15
hey gliczide
2021-10-04 22:36:01
oh yep
2021-10-04 22:35:46
long time no see